Dave’s blog: The end of the s’more fest

The owners and businesses at Camp Meade in Middlesex did a fantastic job creating and publicizing a super-fun event a few days before New Year’s. There were art installations, an impressive bonfire and the world’s biggest s’more (I can’t confirm).

I shot this after the crowds had gone home.

I live in the village part of a tiny town in Vermont outside Montpelier. Lately, we’ve been trying to boost our game in terms of community involvement and economic development. One of the things we have going for us is the Camp Meade, or Middleground, complex, which includes a popular bakery and cafe (Red Hen) and chocolate and granola maker (Nutty Steph’s).

The complex and surrounding land was recently purchased, and the new owners seem to be doing a great job of promoting the place and its potential as a community center. Through the summer they offered concerts with activities and food trucks. The S’Morestice event was by far the biggest yet, and drew a ton of people.

I was there kind of late, and watched people I presume to be firefighters trying to assist in the destruction of a giant art installation by bonfire. It was mostly built of evergreen branches, and resisted burning despite a pile of wooden pallets. We watched in fascination and horror as firefighters ventured into the middle of the installation, chainsaw shrieking, to try to bring it down.

It was frigid out and my camera, a Sony A6500 mirrorless, had to battle cold, low light and my numb fingers, but I got some nice footage.

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