Dave’s blog: Floating

A couple of days ago I met with two dancer/choreographers up in Burlington. Nicole Dagesse and Hanna Satterlee were rehearsing a piece, FLOAT, they will perform in a few weeks in Greensboro. We’re also planning to make a video of the piece.

We probably won’t get to filming for a little while due to an injury Hanna suffered a month ago, as well as the general inhospitable nature of the environment right now. But it gave me a chance to see what they were working on, as well as experiment with shooting a few different formats and angles.

I love shooting dance. There’s always something interesting to see and a different angle from which to frame the action. It’s also a good reminder to simply open up to a wide angle, set your focus and let things happen.

FLOAT looks terrific, and I’m looking forward to getting started. I’ve worked with both of them before, particularly Hanna, and we’ve got a second collaboration coming up.

Just to geek out a bit, I shot this on a Panasonic AD-DVX200, at 24 fps in both SD 50 bps and 4K 100 bps. I used a gamma curve called V-Log, which gives you a lot of leeway for color correction and other adjustments, which may be to blame for the difference in color, exposure, etc. in these clips.

FLOAT will be performed Feb. 16 and 17 as part of the 2019 Vermont Winter Gala.

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