Dave’s blog: An unthreatening spot on the border

This week I traveled up to Derby Line to help out on a television shoot on the U.S. border with Canada. The story, a sort-of investigative piece about how consumer electronics are designed to be difficult (or impossible) to repair, had nothing to do with immigration or border policy. The producers – for the Canadian Read more about Dave’s blog: An unthreatening spot on the border[…]

Dave’s blog: Mailing it in

In addition to my video business, I work at Town Hall in Middlesex, where I live. I’m assistant town clerk and collector of delinquent taxes. Although I’m at least a little bit reluctant to place myself in front of the camera, I decided to make this video as a response to the poisonous rhetoric that’s Read more about Dave’s blog: Mailing it in[…]

Dave’s blog: When your GoPro says “no”

Some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine zipped by our snowmobile in Stowe last week, but I could only watch the GoPro. I sat in the back. Caleb, my guide for the shoot, steered the snow machine through the back roads and trails of Moscow Woods. We were attempting to capture dynamic footage Read more about Dave’s blog: When your GoPro says “no”[…]

Dave’s blog: CCV’s history

I recently finished a series of videos for the Community College of Vermont, interviewing five of the people who have served as president in the college’s history. The videos accompany a website and timeline celebrating the CCV’s 50-year history, in which it has evolved from an upstart, non-grading “practical” learning environment to a multi-site institution Read more about Dave’s blog: CCV’s history[…]

Dave’s blog: Russian journos do Burlington

This summer I had the super-fun task of documenting a brief cultural exchange program of Russian journalists on their visit to Burlington. The gig came through PH International, a Waitsfield cultural exchange program I knew through Emily, who used to work there. The job was to cover the Vermont portion of a one-month visit to Read more about Dave’s blog: Russian journos do Burlington[…]

Dave’s blog: Vermont October

I spent a few hours with photographer Stefan Hard, an old friend and colleague, chasing after the fall colors in the Groton and Marshfield region of central Vermont last week. Stef and I met working for the Times Argus when we were both pretty green. We rented an apartment together, and spent a pleasant three Read more about Dave’s blog: Vermont October[…]

Dave’s blog: A new clip reel

I took a little of my between-projects time to make a new clip reel – it’s the piece you hope people see if they’re thinking of hiring you. This one is shorter and sharper, with a mix of some images from the first reel with new music and a bunch of new shots. It’s less Read more about Dave’s blog: A new clip reel[…]