Dave’s blog: Mailing it in

In addition to my video business, I work at Town Hall in Middlesex, where I live. I’m assistant town clerk and collector of delinquent taxes.

Although I’m at least a little bit reluctant to place myself in front of the camera, I decided to make this video as a response to the poisonous rhetoric that’s been tracking the lead-up to the Nov. 3 Presidential Election.

It really boggles my mind that a U.S. president would attempt to use the Postal Service to make it more difficult to vote, and nakedly admit he probably won’t accept the results of the election (if he doesn’t win of course), but here we are. Consider this my little effort to help support and sustain our democracy.

I did the filming for this in and around Town Hall as soon as the ballots arrived from the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office. We’re still waiting for the residential ballots to arrive by mail. I tried to make it relevant for any town around the state to use. I think this is the “local” version, with Town Hall contact information.

Please vote everyone. It’s so simple and such a critical right.


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