Dave’s blog: A happy accident

In the first weeks of getting the foundation of Capture off the ground, I scarcely touched a camera.

A good opportunity to exercise those muscles happened. I met with a local musician who was interested in collaborating with a videographer to produce visual content for music he creates with a trio of improvisational artists, the Matter Men. It’s not a paid gig, at this point, but I think these are serious and accomplished musicians who are ambitious about what they’d like to see happen with their music. Video is one piece of that.

An upside: I get to experiment. I’m starting with a 2-minute piece that’s more a soundscape than a traditional piece of music. The idea jumped into my head to work with cheap and creepy toys – we have an abundance around the house. I played the piece for my son and some friends, and they liked the idea. I like the images I’m coming up with — a little bit dark, but not without humor.

This clip was a happy accident. My son has this crawling cyber millipede toy that bounces off walls and backs up – really disturbing. I shot this in our shower stall with the drain covered with paper. I blasted the space with light and opened up the iris all the way. I started experimenting with filters, and had a WHOA! moment with something called Comic Ink. It really looks like animation.

More on this project soon. Let me know what you think of the clip!


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