Dave’s blog: Manghis’ mojo

Here’s a video I made back when I was working at the Times Argus. Manghis’ Bakery is kind of an institution in central Vermont. Not only do they make simple, healthy bread of excellent quality, but it’s a business that’s been handed down to a second generation. Kids grew up stopping by their School Street Read more about Dave’s blog: Manghis’ mojo[…]

Dave’s blog: CCV’s history

I recently finished a series of videos for the Community College of Vermont, interviewing five of the people who have served as president in the college’s history. The videos accompany a website and timeline celebrating the CCV’s 50-year history, in which it has evolved from an upstart, non-grading “practical” learning environment to a multi-site institution Read more about Dave’s blog: CCV’s history[…]

Dave’s blog: Obsolete before the warranty’s up

A colleague and I used to have a reliably enjoyable argument about technological literacy. Whenever a young person (especially his own kids) sent him a text or email with grammar he found inadequate, he’d rant about how texting was ruining their ability to communicate. They had no spelling; no grasp of sentence structure; no reading Read more about Dave’s blog: Obsolete before the warranty’s up[…]

Dave’s blog: Late Night Radio

If you follow my blog or social media posts at all, you are probably sick of me talking about this project – a dance video involving the talents of a number of Vermont artists. This one felt like kind of a big deal only because it was a noncommercial piece and a chance for all Read more about Dave’s blog: Late Night Radio[…]

Dave’s blog: ‘Aired Out’ podcast guest

JD Green, a longtime central Vermont disc jockey, interviewed me for his “Aired Out” video podcast this week. Lots of fun, and I think we had a great conversation about video, social media and what we both are up to. JD’s every bit as nice and generous as he seems! I made an intro segment Read more about Dave’s blog: ‘Aired Out’ podcast guest[…]

Dave’s blog: What I shoot with

This video is a non-techie review of the camera I use for principal shooting, Panasonic’s AV-DVX200. The idea is not to bore you with a bunch of specifications and jargon, but explain what kind of a camera it is, and why I think it’s the best tool for Capture. More blog posts at davecaptures.com.

Dave’s blog: Tuning in “Late Night Radio”

Here’s a clip from the cutting room floor of a shoot we did on Sunday. The dancer is Andie Asacker, creative director of Dream City Dance, and the space she’s moving through is the town hall of Worcester, Vermont. The project we’ve set out to do is a video that sets a composition by three Read more about Dave’s blog: Tuning in “Late Night Radio”[…]

Dave’s blog: The power of people

If you’re in a business with a service component, your people are everything. The guy featured in this video, Ray Mikus, owns Green Light Real Estate in Montpelier. Ray’s a friend of mind, and had me make profile videos of his agents. The idea is to “introduce” customers to the people they will be working Read more about Dave’s blog: The power of people[…]

Dave’s blog: It doesn’t go away (completely)

I started playing guitar again. Just a little over four years ago I woke up to find my head filled with a pressure I had never experienced. I stumbled from the room, in considerable pain, and spent a sleepless night poring over medical websites and inhaling steam, trying to figure out a way to get Read more about Dave’s blog: It doesn’t go away (completely)[…]