Dave’s blog: Playing with toys

I’ve been strategizing with a group of musicians to create some videos to accompany their compositions. It’s a super-fun opportunity to get really creative and stretch my boundaries a bit.

The video above, “Gene Bleu” is more of an experiment than something any of us would call representative of our work, but I like both the kitschy weirdness of the music and the images of toys in close-up.

The musicians, the Matter Men, are three guys who play and record improvisational music that tosses together elements of jazz, prog rock and classical. It’s interesting and challenging stuff.

I’ve been planning a video with a choreographer and dancer who will perform to their music. Can’t wait to do this. Unfortunately, Hanna, who I’ve worked with before, injured her hand, so we’ve put things off for a month or so.

More on this later. See more videos at davecaptures.com.

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