Dave’s blog: When your GoPro says “no”

Some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine zipped by our snowmobile in Stowe last week, but I could only watch the GoPro. I sat in the back. Caleb, my guide for the shoot, steered the snow machine through the back roads and trails of Moscow Woods. We were attempting to capture dynamic footage Read more about Dave’s blog: When your GoPro says “no”[…]

Dave’s blog: Manghis’ mojo

Here’s a video I made back when I was working at the Times Argus. Manghis’ Bakery is kind of an institution in central Vermont. Not only do they make simple, healthy bread of excellent quality, but it’s a business that’s been handed down to a second generation. Kids grew up stopping by their School Street Read more about Dave’s blog: Manghis’ mojo[…]

Dave’s blog: Personal histories

I’ve been exploring the idea of offering a service for interviewing and recording people’s personal histories. Here is a short sample of a recent interview with a gentleman who lives in Randolph Center. He speaks about his career as an oboist, teacher and concert program producer I find the process very moving, and utilizes my Read more about Dave’s blog: Personal histories[…]

Dave’s blog: CCV’s history

I recently finished a series of videos for the Community College of Vermont, interviewing five of the people who have served as president in the college’s history. The videos accompany a website and timeline celebrating the CCV’s 50-year history, in which it has evolved from an upstart, non-grading “practical” learning environment to a multi-site institution Read more about Dave’s blog: CCV’s history[…]

Dave’s blog: Russian journos do Burlington

This summer I had the super-fun task of documenting a brief cultural exchange program of Russian journalists on their visit to Burlington. The gig came through PH International, a Waitsfield cultural exchange program I knew through Emily, who used to work there. The job was to cover the Vermont portion of a one-month visit to Read more about Dave’s blog: Russian journos do Burlington[…]

Dave’s blog: You need to calm down

Our calendars and hearts tell us that summer is just two-thirds over. But the world tells us otherwise. Kids are back in school. Wood must be stacked. Winter expenses must be budgeted. Projects must be started. Here’s 1:45 to help you relax. I shot it along the Mad River path in Waitsfield on Aug. 28, Read more about Dave’s blog: You need to calm down[…]