Dave’s blog: Eyesore tease

Something a little different for this project. Most videos I make are commercial projects with clients, estimates, feedback, deadlines, etc. This is a passion project I made for nothing over the last year. I will be making it available to watch March 16 right here on my website. Very excited! Stay tuned.

Dave’s blog: It’s been a while

I don’t know whether it’s been COVID and all the changes that brought, or the rigors of simply trying to keep up with work and family, but I haven’t posted in a long time. Time to change that! Capture: Video Storytelling has definitely been pushed to the back burner, but I’ve made some great videos Read more about Dave’s blog: It’s been a while[…]

Dave’s blog: Stand Up to Stalking

Anna Nasset is a client who educates law enforcement and the public about the crime of stalking. This was a fun, emotionally engaging shoot that required some creativity. I feel like I learned a lot. I’ll admit to knowing very little about stalking, so some of her statements and experiences really hit home. It’s clear Read more about Dave’s blog: Stand Up to Stalking[…]

Dave’s blog: Whiskey reverie

Calling a cocktail “zen” may sound like a stretch, but making one certainly can be. The colors, the sounds and the anticipation all work together to create a reflective moment. It’s something that should be done with care and reverence. This idea came out of the Mad River Valley Moments of Zen, which is a Read more about Dave’s blog: Whiskey reverie[…]

Dave’s blog: Healing nature

I haven’t posted much since the Coronovirus social distancing period began. I don’t know if that’s because I don’t want to put out another this-is-what-my-life’s-like-under-pandemic story, or just general malaise and laziness. COVID-19 has had predictable impacts on my life. Work has almost disappeared. I’ve filed for unemployment — yet to receive any — and Read more about Dave’s blog: Healing nature[…]

Dave’s blog: Message to the self-employed out there

We’re about one week into the COVID-19 isolation period, full swing, and it has impacted enough people’s lives that I can say it’s an event we will never forget. I’m at home with my family. We have a lot to be thankful for. My son is still receiving schooling, via email, virtual sharing and self Read more about Dave’s blog: Message to the self-employed out there[…]

Dave’s blog: Buy Bernie Bars

I made this TV/web video for Rabble-Rouser in Montpelier, a cafe, performance space and maker of fine chocolate and granola. The interviews proved to be a bit of a challenge. Grace knew what she wanted to say, but I kept messing things up by asking questions. In the end, however, it all came together very Read more about Dave’s blog: Buy Bernie Bars[…]

Dave’s blog: When your GoPro says “no”

Some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine zipped by our snowmobile in Stowe last week, but I could only watch the GoPro. I sat in the back. Caleb, my guide for the shoot, steered the snow machine through the back roads and trails of Moscow Woods. We were attempting to capture dynamic footage Read more about Dave’s blog: When your GoPro says “no”[…]

Dave’s blog: Manghis’ mojo

Here’s a video I made back when I was working at the Times Argus. Manghis’ Bakery is kind of an institution in central Vermont. Not only do they make simple, healthy bread of excellent quality, but it’s a business that’s been handed down to a second generation. Kids grew up stopping by their School Street Read more about Dave’s blog: Manghis’ mojo[…]