Dave’s blog: Fired up

Red Hen Baking Co. is a bakery and cafe located in the Camp Meade complex in Middlesex, just a quick jog from my house.

A few weeks ago the bakery started selling wood-fired pizza on the green out back. You can place your order and watch staff members bake it. Customers can take their pizza home, or eat at a picnic table or chair, carefully spaced from others on the wide outdoor lawn.

It’s good stuff, and compliments the outdoor cafe window Red Hen set up a few months ago. Randy George, who owns the bakery with his wife, admits it hasn’t been easy, and said they aren’t doing the kind of business they were doing pre-pandemic.

He’s excited, however, to offer the chance for local people to get together and share — from a distance — some food and social interaction. It’s become more important than ever in this traumatic time.

Camp Meade’s ownership asked me to make this video. Their goal, according to Russ Bennett, has always been to bring community together through art, good food, music and shared experience.

Don’t forget video. How else will folks know this was going on?


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