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If you follow my blog or social media posts at all, you are probably sick of me talking about this project – a dance video involving the talents of a number of Vermont artists.

This one felt like kind of a big deal only because it was a noncommercial piece and a chance for all of us to do exactly what we wanted. Money was not involved, except for a few dollars to rent the Worcester Town Hall. We all hope the video will be a useful promotional piece, but no one really had that in mind while we worked. We joined together just to make something.

And it’s done now. I’m super proud of my work and that of everyone involved. It’s hard to critique the result. I prefer to try to figure out what I learned, and what I would do again.

The big takeaway is a reminder that creativity is like food. All of us: Andie, the dancer; musicians Tom, Roger and Dave; and myself, were giddy while we planned and filmed. For a short time after, I think we felt like we’d created something remarkable and completely original.

Maybe not. But I know I will look back on this and smile. And I will do more like it. Hopefully bigger, crazier and more fun!


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