Dave’s blog: When your GoPro says “no”

Some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine zipped by our snowmobile in Stowe last week, but I could only watch the GoPro. I sat in the back. Caleb, my guide for the shoot, steered the snow machine through the back roads and trails of Moscow Woods. We were attempting to capture dynamic footage Read more about Dave’s blog: When your GoPro says “no”[…]

Dave’s blog: Late Night Radio

If you follow my blog or social media posts at all, you are probably sick of me talking about this project – a dance video involving the talents of a number of Vermont artists. This one felt like kind of a big deal only because it was a noncommercial piece and a chance for all Read more about Dave’s blog: Late Night Radio[…]

Dave’s blog: ‘Aired Out’ podcast guest

JD Green, a longtime central Vermont disc jockey, interviewed me for his “Aired Out” video podcast this week. Lots of fun, and I think we had a great conversation about video, social media and what we both are up to. JD’s every bit as nice and generous as he seems! I made an intro segment Read more about Dave’s blog: ‘Aired Out’ podcast guest[…]

Dave’s blog: Slow and steady

A friend of mine had an idea a few years back. He was going to build a couple of small houses on property he owns. A carpenter and building company manager by trade, he had the skills and knew the people necessary to make it happen, and soon had two foundations going with a third Read more about Dave’s blog: Slow and steady[…]

Dave’s blog: Make stuff

I love maker videos. Maybe we just don’t work with our hands enough anymore, but there’s something so satisfying and engaging about watching someone assemble, take apart, sand, chop, glue, paint, saute, weld or attach with nuts and bolts. Maker videos can involve cooking, knitting , woodwork, metal craft, restoration, or anything else you do. Read more about Dave’s blog: Make stuff[…]

Dave’s blog: Video backstory

Possibly the first time I made a video was shortly after I began working at Norwich University. There were a couple of Sony Handicams and an iMac with a screen the size of a drive-in movie in the office, dusty and unloved. This was in 2008, and the employees in our office spoke of the Read more about Dave’s blog: Video backstory[…]