Dave’s blog: Music box

I’m dipping into my vaults today. This is a video I made in January 2017 for The Times Argus and Rutland Herald newspapers.

Jonathan Herz, of Montpelier, builds music boxes. These aren’t the small, one-tune boxes with a twirling ballerina you can still find in specialty toy shops. These are big and play multiple tunes and probably served as conversation pieces before the invention of early record players.

At the time, people probably shook their heads in wonder and fear of what technology could accomplish!

I’m struck by what a singular vision this guy has, as well as his ambition to create such a complex piece of machinery that probably appeals to a very small group of collectors.

I cringe at the video gaffes from just a few years ago. Too much camera shake, and the smoothing filter? Not working. But I had to work fast and loose at that time, and like the video. I think it captures an interesting person nicely!

More at davecaptures.com.

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