Dave’s blog: Message to the self-employed out there

We’re about one week into the COVID-19 isolation period, full swing, and it has impacted enough people’s lives that I can say it’s an event we will never forget. I’m at home with my family. We have a lot to be thankful for. My son is still receiving schooling, via email, virtual sharing and self Read more about Dave’s blog: Message to the self-employed out there[…]

Dave’s blog: Manghis’ mojo

Here’s a video I made back when I was working at the Times Argus. Manghis’ Bakery is kind of an institution in central Vermont. Not only do they make simple, healthy bread of excellent quality, but it’s a business that’s been handed down to a second generation. Kids grew up stopping by their School Street Read more about Dave’s blog: Manghis’ mojo[…]

Dave’s blog: Personal histories

I’ve been exploring the idea of offering a service for interviewing and recording people’s personal histories. Here is a short sample of a recent interview with a gentleman who lives in Randolph Center. He speaks about his career as an oboist, teacher and concert program producer I find the process very moving, and utilizes my Read more about Dave’s blog: Personal histories[…]

Dave’s blog: A new clip reel

I took a little of my between-projects time to make a new clip reel – it’s the piece you hope people see if they’re thinking of hiring you. This one is shorter and sharper, with a mix of some images from the first reel with new music and a bunch of new shots. It’s less Read more about Dave’s blog: A new clip reel[…]

Dave’s blog: You need to calm down

Our calendars and hearts tell us that summer is just two-thirds over. But the world tells us otherwise. Kids are back in school. Wood must be stacked. Winter expenses must be budgeted. Projects must be started. Here’s 1:45 to help you relax. I shot it along the Mad River path in Waitsfield on Aug. 28, Read more about Dave’s blog: You need to calm down[…]

Dave’s blog: The power of people

If you’re in a business with a service component, your people are everything. The guy featured in this video, Ray Mikus, owns Green Light Real Estate in Montpelier. Ray’s a friend of mind, and had me make profile videos of his agents. The idea is to “introduce” customers to the people they will be working Read more about Dave’s blog: The power of people[…]

Dave’s blog: Music box

I’m dipping into my vaults today. This is a video I made in January 2017 for The Times Argus and Rutland Herald newspapers. Jonathan Herz, of Montpelier, builds music boxes. These aren’t the small, one-tune boxes with a twirling ballerina you can still find in specialty toy shops. These are big and play multiple tunes Read more about Dave’s blog: Music box[…]