Dave’s blog: What to make?

Usually when business owners approach me, they have some idea what kind of video they’re looking for, but I find they’re also generally pretty open-minded about listening to new ideas, and get excited when fresh ideas happen. Everyone wants something that tells their story and underscores strengths, but they also want something creative and fun that might surprise their clients and customers.

Here are some ideas for videos that can cover a range of commitment, from simple blog post to a full, high quality production with a budget and substantial planning.

Landing page

This is a good place to get started, and generally where I steer organizations or individuals new to digital marketing. This video seeks to sum up a company’s energy and philosophy in two minutes or less, an is usually a quick montage of interview segments and b-roll. It’s the first thing you want your client to see, and usually is displayed prominently with special attention paid to messaging and branding elements.

Q and A

What’s the question your clients and customers ask the most? Beat them to the punch and make a video that answers that question thoroughly, hopefully with some humor, bullet points, charts and places where they can get more information. Let them know they’re right for asking the question.

Product demo

This runs the gamut from unboxing to full-on demonstration, but try to avoid the YouTube equivalent of a product manual. I try to bring out the personalities of the people demonstrating the product. Speeded up motion, quick cuts, bullet point titles and humor all serve to make this a fun and satisfying viewing experience.


Who are some of your best customers? Record their stories, listen to their comments and find out how your products or service have helped them. This simple type of interview-video can be really powerful, and help you understand what potential clients are looking for.


If you have an important event every year, record some good video and share the experience with viewers. This is a good time to gather testimonials, and explain how products work. It can also be a time express gratitude for  people you’ve worked with.


This is more a client effort, but I can help you get started. Inexpensive and personality driven, a regular vlog entry is a great way to interact with people, and let them know there are real people behind the logo. A simple vlog post is well within the technical abilities of most people, but it takes time and commitment. 

There are certainly other ideas and ways to promote your business with video, and owners and creators are experimenting all the time. I’ve learned a great idea is precious, that every project is unique, and a little bit of thought and preparation may be the most important steps to any undertaking.

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