Dave’s blog: Obsolete before the warranty’s up

A colleague and I used to have a reliably enjoyable argument about technological literacy. Whenever a young person (especially his own kids) sent him a text or email with grammar he found inadequate, he’d rant about how texting was ruining their ability to communicate. They had no spelling; no grasp of sentence structure; no reading Read more about Dave’s blog: Obsolete before the warranty’s up[…]

Dave’s blog: What I shoot with

This video is a non-techie review of the camera I use for principal shooting, Panasonic’s AV-DVX200. The idea is not to bore you with a bunch of specifications and jargon, but explain what kind of a camera it is, and why I think it’s the best tool for Capture. More blog posts at davecaptures.com.

Dave’s blog: It doesn’t go away (completely)

I started playing guitar again. Just a little over four years ago I woke up to find my head filled with a pressure I had never experienced. I stumbled from the room, in considerable pain, and spent a sleepless night poring over medical websites and inhaling steam, trying to figure out a way to get Read more about Dave’s blog: It doesn’t go away (completely)[…]

Dave’s blog: Slow and steady

A friend of mine had an idea a few years back. He was going to build a couple of small houses on property he owns. A carpenter and building company manager by trade, he had the skills and knew the people necessary to make it happen, and soon had two foundations going with a third Read more about Dave’s blog: Slow and steady[…]

Dave’s blog: What to make?

Usually when business owners approach me, they have some idea what kind of video they’re looking for, but I find they’re also generally pretty open-minded about listening to new ideas, and get excited when fresh ideas happen. Everyone wants something that tells their story and underscores strengths, but they also want something creative and fun Read more about Dave’s blog: What to make?[…]

Dave’s blog: The pixel race

I was looking at TVs online for no particular reason. After a brief moment on top, it looks like 1080p HD television monitors have been exiled to the bargain basement, with prices falling so low most people will probably assume there’s something wrong with them. You can buy a nice TV for about $70. Everything Read more about Dave’s blog: The pixel race[…]

Dave’s blog: Rage, humor are universal

I’m dipping into my vaults today. Here’s a video I made in November 2017, for the Times Argus and Rutland Herald newspapers. It details a visit by a group of cartoonists from North Africa and the Near East to the Montpelier studio of cartoonist Tim Newcomb. I can’t believe this was just a year and Read more about Dave’s blog: Rage, humor are universal[…]

Dave’s blog: Upright or sideways

I just read a short article on why vertical video is on the upswing. This means, simply, video shot with a vertical cellphone or device is being taken more seriously by marketers, despite catty remarks from “serious” filmmakers. The article wasn’t exactly Sunday New York Times material, but it did make some very practical points. Read more about Dave’s blog: Upright or sideways[…]