Dave’s blog: Rage, humor are universal

I’m dipping into my vaults today. Here’s a video I made in November 2017, for the Times Argus and Rutland Herald newspapers. It details a visit by a group of cartoonists from North Africa and the Near East to the Montpelier studio of cartoonist Tim Newcomb.

I can’t believe this was just a year and change ago. My techniques and tools have come so far since then. But a little glitchy video can be forgiven as I had to dive into a complex situation involving a bunch of cartoonists and their interpreters crammed into a studio that was kind of a maze of furniture and computers, and somehow make sense of the whole thing.

I still think this was a great way to bring local news alive, but unfortunately too labor- and time-intensive. They eventually killed my video initiatives and had me move to more traditional editing.

Still, what a cool event. Amazing the courage of these artists to express themselves in such a human manner under restrictive conditions. Even as our country stumbles, we must appreciate the freedoms we enjoy.

And I’m so psyched to be out here making videos! Capture is a one-man video production company making videos for businesses, nonprofits and whoever needs it. Give me a shout at dave@davecaptures.com.

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