Dave’s blog: Healing nature

I haven’t posted much since the Coronovirus social distancing period began.

I don’t know if that’s because I don’t want to put out another this-is-what-my-life’s-like-under-pandemic story, or just general malaise and laziness.

COVID-19 has had predictable impacts on my life. Work has almost disappeared. I’ve filed for unemployment — yet to receive any — and I’ve enjoyed time with my family. I’m trying to keep my name out there.

One thing I did was offer up my services to the local Chamber of Commerce, creating simple little one-shot videos for its Moment of Zen series, highlighting beautiful places and natural features of the Mad River Valley.

Once a week or so I go out, alone or with family, and search for something that will make an arresting shot worth contemplating for sixty seconds.

It’s been challenging and I feel like I have much to learn. Nature isn’t easy to capture with a camera, even on a beautiful day. It’s easiest to grab close-ups, but I want to explore some landscapes as well. It’s forced me to try different cameras and really focus on what the technology can do.

And, as I told the Chamber director, we’re all going to need a buttload of Zen in the coming months.

OK, to be 100 percent honest, I did put a short “My Pandemic” story out there. On the left is a video I made for the Valley Reporter newspaper. Cheers everyone. I hope there’s something better awaiting on the other side of this!


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