Dave’s blog: Healing nature

I haven’t posted much since the Coronovirus social distancing period began. I don’t know if that’s because I don’t want to put out another this-is-what-my-life’s-like-under-pandemic story, or just general malaise and laziness. COVID-19 has had predictable impacts on my life. Work has almost disappeared. I’ve filed for unemployment — yet to receive any — and Read more about Dave’s blog: Healing nature[…]

Dave’s blog: Message to the self-employed out there

We’re about one week into the COVID-19 isolation period, full swing, and it has impacted enough people’s lives that I can say it’s an event we will never forget. I’m at home with my family. We have a lot to be thankful for. My son is still receiving schooling, via email, virtual sharing and self Read more about Dave’s blog: Message to the self-employed out there[…]

Dave’s blog: Buy Bernie Bars

I made this TV/web video for Rabble-Rouser in Montpelier, a cafe, performance space and maker of fine chocolate and granola. The interviews proved to be a bit of a challenge. Grace knew what she wanted to say, but I kept messing things up by asking questions. In the end, however, it all came together very Read more about Dave’s blog: Buy Bernie Bars[…]

Dave’s blog: Tuning in “Late Night Radio”

Here’s a clip from the cutting room floor of a shoot we did on Sunday. The dancer is Andie Asacker, creative director of Dream City Dance, and the space she’s moving through is the town hall of Worcester, Vermont. The project we’ve set out to do is a video that sets a composition by three Read more about Dave’s blog: Tuning in “Late Night Radio”[…]