Dave’s blog: Personal histories

I’ve been exploring the idea of offering a service for interviewing and recording people’s personal histories. Here is a short sample of a recent interview with a gentleman who lives in Randolph Center. He speaks about his career as an oboist, teacher and concert program producer I find the process very moving, and utilizes my Read more about Dave’s blog: Personal histories[…]

Dave’s blog: CCV’s history

I recently finished a series of videos for the Community College of Vermont, interviewing five of the people who have served as president in the college’s history. The videos accompany a website and timeline celebrating the CCV’s 50-year history, in which it has evolved from an upstart, non-grading “practical” learning environment to a multi-site institution Read more about Dave’s blog: CCV’s history[…]

Dave’s blog: Russian journos do Burlington

This summer I had the super-fun task of documenting a brief cultural exchange program of Russian journalists on their visit to Burlington. The gig came through PH International, a Waitsfield cultural exchange program I knew through Emily, who used to work there. The job was to cover the Vermont portion of a one-month visit to Read more about Dave’s blog: Russian journos do Burlington[…]

Dave’s blog: A new clip reel

I took a little of my between-projects time to make a new clip reel – it’s the piece you hope people see if they’re thinking of hiring you. This one is shorter and sharper, with a mix of some images from the first reel with new music and a bunch of new shots. It’s less Read more about Dave’s blog: A new clip reel[…]

Dave’s blog: You need to calm down

Our calendars and hearts tell us that summer is just two-thirds over. But the world tells us otherwise. Kids are back in school. Wood must be stacked. Winter expenses must be budgeted. Projects must be started. Here’s 1:45 to help you relax. I shot it along the Mad River path in Waitsfield on Aug. 28, Read more about Dave’s blog: You need to calm down[…]

Dave’s blog: Obsolete before the warranty’s up

A colleague and I used to have a reliably enjoyable argument about technological literacy. Whenever a young person (especially his own kids) sent him a text or email with grammar he found inadequate, he’d rant about how texting was ruining their ability to communicate. They had no spelling; no grasp of sentence structure; no reading Read more about Dave’s blog: Obsolete before the warranty’s up[…]

Dave’s blog: ‘Aired Out’ podcast guest

JD Green, a longtime central Vermont disc jockey, interviewed me for his “Aired Out” video podcast this week. Lots of fun, and I think we had a great conversation about video, social media and what we both are up to. JD’s every bit as nice and generous as he seems! I made an intro segment Read more about Dave’s blog: ‘Aired Out’ podcast guest[…]